Monday, 1 December 2008

Do you need chant scores?

I have scanned both volumes of the 1930 edition of Plainsong for Schools. So far as I am aware this is out of copyright so if you would like PDFs or TIFs please leave a message and I can email them.


Antonius said...

Please send me those books in pdf to Thanks

Mark said...

I would love to have the tiff files, but I imagine it would be practically impossible to email. Right?


Arthur Connick said...

These sound great! Would you be willing to email the pdf's to me at 'custer[at]'?

Fr. Mark Zorab said...

Hello, It was great to find your blog although I can't find any current activity. However, I would be very grateful if you could email the scanned Plainsong booklets. Many thanks indeed.